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Explore Your Archive week 2014

Archives are amazing. Without them we could not study our personal histories or the histories of our communities or nations. There would be no historically rich novels and films. We would know nothing about the lives of our predecessors.

Through the Explore Your Archive campaign (10-16 November 2014) we are inviting you into archives across the UK and Ireland, where the records of your life, your community, your business, your nation and your world are collected, kept safe and made accessible. We all benefit from archives – often without realising. We want more people to understand and value the richness and diversity of UK and Irish archives. There are so many kinds of archives: in local authorities and governments, in businesses, in schools and universities, in charities, in private houses, in cultural organisations… All playing their part in keeping information safe and accessible.

An online flashmob

On Monday 10 November 2014 we want to celebrate all our wonderful archives and the invaluable work that goes into collecting, keeping and sharing the world’s memory. We hope you will lend us your voice and join our Thunderclap, to tell the world how truly exciting, relevant, diverse and fascinating archive collections are.

Join us on Twitter

Throughout the Explore Your Archive week the organisations and people who look after these archive collections will be taking to Twitter – and we want you to join us!

Find out what a typical day in an archive is like, discover the collections, post your pictures and tell us why you love archives. Each day we will have a different hashtag for you to join in and connect with archives globally.

Monday 10 November 2014: #DayInTheLife

An insider’s perspective of a typical (or not so typical) day in an archive.

Tuesday 11 November 2014:  #WW1archives

An opportunity to commemorate and remember First World War ancestors and to explore the stories and records held within archive collections.

Wednesday 12 November 2014: #askarchivists

A unique opportunity for you to tweet with the experts and get your questions answered – from research tips to career advice.

Thursday 13 November 2014: #archiveselfie

Create and share your archive self-portraits and any historic ‘selfies’ you find in archive collections. Wear your archi’ve explored badges with pride and tweet us your pictures!

Friday 14 November 2014: #archiveanimals

Share animal stories and pictures you find in archive collections.

Saturday 15 November 2014: I love to #explorearchives

Tell us what archives mean to you! Why is archival research important? If you’ve taken part in your local archives’ events tell us what you enjoyed. Explore Your Archive. There is so much to discover.


  1. Marion Hill says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Please could you advise where I could order some ArchI’ve Explored badges.

    Many thanks

    Marion Hill
    Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

    1. Matt Greenhall says:

      Dear Marion,
      I can post a number of Archi’ve Remembered badges to you and a number of promotional pencils if that would be appropriate?



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