Let’s talk about the history of government

Over on GOV.UK there’s a new history of government blog which, if you like our blog, I think you may find interesting.

History of government blog

History of government blog

Colleagues from The National Archives have been working closely with Number 10, the FCO historians, the Government Digital Service and History and Policy to curate posts written by historical experts from both inside and outside government. It includes the regular articles by guest historians that were previously published on the Number 10 website.

There’ll be posts on domestic and foreign events, overviews of departments and insights into government that you won’t get elsewhere. I, for one, did not know the reason why the Exchequer was called the Exchequer.

Blogs will range from first-hand accounts to commentary pieces; from medieval times through to contemporary history. Importantly, it’s a place where everyone can discuss the history of government. Please tell us what you think about the posts, your experience of researching these records and what you know about the subjects.


  1. David Matthew says:

    I think the blogs are very good and it is nice to see articles on the Treasury (thanks Nick), Treasury is my area of knowledge from the mid 18th century and as Nick Barratt has said it is a vast area of records that can be funny (‘file kept largely for its amusement value’), odd and high-policy areas.

  2. Hugh Nicklin says:

    I got here by looking up a Latin declension. I did not find what I was looking for, so can anyone confirm that ‘Tobiam’ is the accusative of ‘Tobias’, rather than Tobian?

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