Celebrating archives all over the world

This Saturday 9 June, archives across the globe will be taking part in this year’s International Archives Day.

International Archives Day, 9 June 2018. Archives: Governance, Memory and Heritage

International Archives Day, 9 June 2018. Archives: Governance, Memory and Heritage

Alongside our colleagues and peers at the International Council on Archives (ICA), and other archives and institutions across the world, I’m delighted that The National Archives is once again joining in with this day of global celebration.

Some of you may already know why the date is so significant. On 9 June 1948, the International Council on Archives was created with support from UNESCO. Adopted by the ICA Executive Board, it has since evolved to become an international day of advocacy and opportunity for archives.

As part of the day, archives are encouraged to showcase their online events and activities to demonstrate why archives matter. They also get to tell the world how valuable archival collections are to society. If you join us during the week leading up to 9 June, I would highly recommend following us on Twitter and keeping tabs on this blog. Hopefully, you’ll learn more about some of the exciting international projects we’re involved in with our partners and colleagues in archives and other institutions worldwide.

For this year, at Kew we are doing something a bit special. Our expert Collection Care colleagues are providing audiences a rare opportunity to go behind the scenes. Visitors will have a chance to learn about the scientific conservation methods undertaken to protect the documents within our collection now, and for future generations to experience. Visit our What’s On webpages to find out more, and if you haven’t already, I’d recommend booking yourself a place on one of the tours.

We are extremely proud to be a part of a global community of archives, bodies and institutions. Together, we work to raise awareness of archives, promote their value, and to broaden the reach and impact we do have on the world.

I hope you can join us to celebrate.





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