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Some of you have probably attended one or more of our events and, for those that live further afield, you’ve probably heard some of our podcasts. Whether it be the regular Thursday afternoon talks, conferences, seminars, workshops or training – there’s always plenty going on.

Last week we hosted a particularly fascinating and well attended event called Mining the Archives: A beginners guide to using historical records.  This was the launch of a programme of events happening throughout 2013. We have invited writers of both historical fiction and non-fiction books to give a talk about how they have used the archives to research their publications. Each month of 2013 we’ll feature a different writer. Read more about next month’s author.

Speaker Mark Dunton

Speaker Mark Dunton

As for the launch event, we were delighted that Ben McIntyre was able to join us and talk about his book, Double Cross; the true story of the D Day Spies. Ben’s excellent talk outlined the importance of archives in his research. I won’t give too much away – listen to our podcast! It’ll be online shortly. Or, visit our bookshop to buy the book.

We also had talks from three of The National Archives’ staff: Mark Dunton, Katy Mair and Hester Vaizey. Mark talked about how to research a famous person in the archives, using Margaret Thatcher as an example. Katy talked about how to use the collection for writing historical fiction and Hester outlined how to go about publishing with The National Archives. All three talks were recorded and will be published on our website as podcasts soon.

I’m involved in the organisation of two up-and-coming events too so, if I may, I’d like to give a plug for those!

Firstly, on 22 February we’ll be co-hosting the next Gerald Aylmer seminar in central London. Please see my last blog post for more information. For a programme and/or booking form please email

Secondly, we’re planning a workshop called Higher Education Funding for Beginners for Tuesday 26 February. This is an event for people working in the archives sector who want to find out more about how to access funding for archival related projects. Please use the online booking form to book your place.

And, lastly (one last plug!), the winter 2013 Research newsletter has just been published. Please take a look!

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