Grants and Academic Support Panel (GASP)

We’re always keen to hear from people about ideas for collaborative working. We regularly hear from academics who want to talk about new and interesting collaborative research projects. Usually, after lots of meetings, phone calls and emails, ideas are firmed up and a detailed proposal is put together.

But, obviously, we have limited resources and, therefore, can’t say yes to everyone and everything and that’s why we have a formal process to sift through the proposals, this is known as the Grants and Academic Support Panel (or, GASP). The Panel, which meets fortnightly, has representation from each of The National Archives’ Directorates (all at Head of department level) and is Chaired by the Head of Research, Dr Valerie Johnson.

Essentially, the Panel is looking to support or partner in proposals that have real benefit to The National Archives and ideally fit with one of our research priorities. If the Panel approve a proposal it is then escalated to the Executive Team for final sign off.

If you’re interested in working with us we ask that you get in touch with us as soon as possible. We understand ideas might not be firmed up at this early stage, and we also know that sometimes funders’ deadlines can be very tight but in order for us to present to the Panel and get approval from the Executive Team we’d really appreciate early contact in order to get the ball rolling and be able to get our response back to you in good time to put in a bid to the funder.

Because we are involved in such a broad range of research here at The National Archives (from history and conservation to new technologies and digital preservation) it’s impossible to have a ‘one size fits all’ model for new projects. Previous successful collaborative research projects have included:

  • collaborative doctoral awards
  • knowledge exchange hubs
  • networks
  • publications
  • conferences and seminars
  • digitisation projects
  • cataloguing projects
  • IT projects (including text and data mining and geographical information systems)

The research we get involved in is wide ranging and varied. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to tell you about some of the proposals that have gone through the GASP process (and ultimately went on to be successful in their respective funding bids) in a later blog.

If you don’t already have a contact at The National Archives and you’re interested in working with us please email to tell us about your proposal.

And, one last point, we’re finding more and more proposals coming our way are from those intending to create web or digital outputs as a result of their research projects, we ask that you think carefully about appropriate digital standards and metadata creation so that created resources can easily be transferred and sustained. We’re happy to discuss draft proposals in this area, and, as with all proposals, would appreciate being involved in the early stages in planning on these issues. Please email the above address for more information.

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